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Dr. Auriemma

CHP Spotlight Interview: Dr. Michael Auriemma

  • by Zac
  • 9th March 2020

What is regenerative medicine? What's the deal with prolotherapy, PRP, or stem cells? Could having another steroid injection actually be a bad idea, and is there a benefit to treating areas outside of the source of pain?⁠ Check out the final interview of this season's CHP Spotlight Interview series with Dr. Michael Auriemma of Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine to find out this and much more!

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Lisa Reichmann

CHP Spotlight Interview: Lisa Reichmann, Co-Founder of Run Farther and Faster

  • by Zac
  • 5th March 2020

In this edition of the CHP Spotlight Interview Series, Dr. Cohen spoke with one of the founders of Run Farther and Faster, Lisa Reichmann. Lisa is a running coach and shared tons of essential information for runners of all levels. They discussed how to choose proper running shoes, how to determine whether or not you should be working with a running coach, and the best ways to approach your training. Check out this interview to learn this and much more!

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Why your X-Ray or MRI may not be as helpful as you think

  • by Zac
  • 20th February 2020

X-Rays and MRIs often cause people to feel as if they are broken and need fixing. While useful, these images do not tell the whole story and may not be as helpful as you think!

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Lee Sommers

CHP Spotlight Interview: Coach Lee Sommers

  • by Zac
  • 10th February 2020

Dr. Cohen had the pleasure of interviewing our good friend, Lee Sommers. Lee is a strength and conditioning here in the Bethesda area, specializing with high level swimmers. He was the dry land coach for 5-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky!

Lee was kind enough to discuss the great work that he does to help his athletes, and the unique approach that he takes when training swimmers.

Check out our interview with Lee to learn about this and so much more!

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CHP Spotlight Interview: Dana Monsees, Real Food with Dana

  • by Zac
  • 21st January 2020

Dana Monsees is a nutritionist and body image coach, as well as the founder of Real Food with Dana. She also has a very popular podcast called Real Talk with Dana.

This interview was awesome! Dana shared so much incredible information. She shared her approach to diet culture, the psychological effects of dieting, optimal nutrition habits for athletes, and why one approach to nutrition is not right for everyone.

Dana is located right here in the Bethesda area and we highly recommend that you check this one out!

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partner deadlift

How do we protect our lower back when lifting or playing sports?

  • by Zac
  • 14th January 2020

During the workshop we learned how to optimally create internal pressure in order to protect our lower back when lifting weights. This is one of the first things that we teach in physical therapy and is of particular importance for people that lift weights or play sports.  So how do we do it?

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