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We Help Get You Back in the Game

At Cohen Health and Performance we help injured athletes get back in the game.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals who desire to live an active lifestyle by providing elite level physical therapy and performance training for continued health and wellness.

This is not your run of the mill physical therapy practice! We treat you as an individual, rather than splitting our attention between multiple patients at once. We utilize our beautiful physical therapy clinic and state of the art sports performance facility to help you get better, and in less visits then the standard rehab setting!

If you are an athlete that is in pain, injured or limited from performing at your highest level, we are here to help you!

Zac with Andy as patient

Meet Our Team


Dr. Alex Immermann PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS

Performance Physical Therapist, Director of Clinical Science

Dr. Alex Immermann is the newest member of Cohen Health & Performance family. He has a passion for using his specialized background to meet the needs of clients wherever they fall upon the spectrum between rehab and performance development. His professional aspiration is to get less people rehabilitating and more people training.

Drawn to sports medicine after his own youth soccer experiences, he graduated with his BS in athletic training from Boston University and worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) prior to PT school. He then graduated magna cum laude from The George Washington University with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. While at GW he interned with EXOS (formerly known as Athlete’s Performance), getting the opportunity to learn from a world-renowned sports medicine/performance team treating many of the world’s most elite athletes. Prior to moving back to the DMV area, Alex was a Staff Physical Therapist with Elite Performance and Rehabilitation in Santa Barbara, CA. There he gained valuable experience working with general orthopedic clients as well as a wide variety of amateur and professional endurance, martial arts, volleyball, and tennis athletes.

Alex is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is also a certified in Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms) a comprehensive system of joint mobility training meant to optimize human function through a focus on building true mobility, joint integrity, and body control/awareness.

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Dr. Zachary Cohen PT, DPT, CSCS

Performance Physical Therapist, Owner

Dr. Zachary Cohen is a Physical Therapist and the founder of Cohen Health and Performance. He specializes in helping injured athletes get back in the game by correcting the root cause of pain, rather than simply chase symptoms.

Prior to moving to Maryland, Zac was a Performance Physical Therapist with EXOS (formerly known as Athletes' Performance) in Dallas, TX where he treated and trained the world's most gifted athletes from throughout the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS and various Olympic teams. He graduated summa cum laude from Northeastern University in 2011 with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. While at Northeastern he worked as a Physical Therapy Graduate Assistant for the New England Patriots, and served as a strength and conditioning coach for Northeastern University athletics.

Zac is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is very passionate about using his knowledge and background to help people safely and efficiently bridge the gap from rehab/injury to the highest level of performance.

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First move well, then move often. - Gray Cook

Blog & Video

functional training group pic

What is functional training?

  • by Zac
  • 7th March 2019

“This is a functional exercise.”……“This is functional training.”
How many times have you heard this? Have you ever wondered what is meant by “functional”? What does “functional” even mean for you?  

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Snow shoveler

Easy Ways to Decrease Your Risk of Snow Shoveling Injuries

  • by Zac
  • 30th January 2019

Physical therapy clinics throughout Bethesda and other areas like this are now crowded with people that have injured themselves shoveling snow. Back injuries are the most commonly injured area when shoveling however many other areas can become irritated as well. Why does this so commonly occur?

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Woman lifting guy overhead

Can You Shoulder the Load?

  • by Zac
  • 8th January 2019

If you are reading this, you likely are already aware of some of your shoulder mobility limitations. These limitations may affect your ability to overhead press in the weight room, serve on the tennis court, or swim. Perhaps you have been working on these limitations but have seen little improvement. A joint's mobility will be limited for a reason. What reason could that be?...

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Deadlift with a belt

Weight Lifting Belts: Do you need one?

  • by Zac
  • 18th December 2018

Weight lifting belts create a lot of debate in the world of training and rehab. As performance physical therapists, we get this question a lot. Are weight lifting belts good or bad for you to use? Will it help or hurt your performance?

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Group KB swing

Here's What to Do if Kettlebell Swings Hurt Your Back

  • by Zac
  • 27th November 2018

“Kettlebell swings hurt my back.”

This is something that I commonly hear from our physical therapy patients in Bethesda. Many participate in Crossfit, sports or simply enjoy exercising. Regardless of their exercise preference, kettlebell swings often find their way into the regimen. This is for good reason as the kettlebell swing is a great exercise. However, like all exercises, when performed improperly it can result in discomfort. 

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female runner

Knee Pain with Running: Is it Inevitable?

  • by
  • 6th November 2018

As performance physical therapists in Bethesda, we often see runners that have knee pain. Many runners simply view this pain as inevitable and part of being a runner. However is this the case?

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What Separates CHP from the Rest?

  • Faster Results
    At CHP you are able to get better, faster. We help you do this by addressing the root causes of your injury, rather than simply chase symptoms.
  • Personalized Care
    This is not the standard PT clinic. We treat you individually so that you get the results that you deserve. Our physical therapists will never compromise the quality of care that they can deliver by treating multiple patients at the same time.
  • Athletic Injury Rehabilitation
    Sports injuries require special attention because athletes are required to return to and perform at the highest of levels. Our Physical Therapists have worked with many of the best athletes in the world and want to help you be at your best!
  • Crossfit Athlete Rehabilitation
    Crossfit requires a high level of skill in a variety of movements and exercises. We will help you determine the cause of your limitation and how this may be hindering your performance. This allows you to perform at your highest level without pain.
  • State of the Art Facilities
    We utilize our beautiful physical therapy clinic and 4,000 square foot sports performance facility to help you be at your best.
  • Our Team
    The Physical Therapists at CHP have been entrusted with treating many of the worlds greatest athletes. We utilize experiences like these to get you the results that you deserve.

Client Testimonials

Jamel Richardson Image

"After playing in the CFL over 10 years I tore my ACL/LCL. I was concerned about how I would get into the best shape possible, and I turned to Zac for rehabilitation. Zac by far was the best PT/trainer I've ever worked with and pushed me to the limit. Zac challenged me by advancing me through innovative training allowing me to return at the highest level I could imagine."

Jamel Richardson
Former NFL and current CFL football player, Grey Cup MVP

"I worked with Zac after my second ACL repair. He allowed me to get back on the field and playing better then I was prior to my injury and sooner then I ever thought possible. I was very nervous to return to play since this was my second ACL tear but he made me feel so confident due to his expertise and dedication to his patients. I wish I had known about Zac before my first injury!"

Division 1 collegiate soccer player

Jessica Soccer Player Image
man smiling at desk

"I tried to work with a 'big chain' PT group following a lower back surgery earlier this year. My time with them felt rushed and transactional and I never fully invested in the process. In contrast, Dr. Cohen is a fantastic PT and really takes the time to create and explain specific plans. His use of video is super easy to follow and he understands the time constraints of a busy lifestyle. Dr. Cohen is patient, professional and I recommend him without reservation."

Active Father of Two

""Dr. Cohen and his staff are outstanding. Very thorough with a great bedside manner, Dr Cohen makes it a priority to fully understand your issue and gives you exercises in the first session to start your road to recovery. He used my phone (with permission) to video me doing the prescribed exercises which is the most helpful method for recalling the process I've ever followed. I've been to many physical therapists, Cohen Health and Performance is the best!""

Avid Runner and Active Mother

female runner
Physical therapy too often focuses on temporary relief. Rather than simply treating the source, the cause of pain and sub-optimal performance must be addressed accordingly. - Zachary Cohen

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